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Nutritional Therapy

I want everyone to live the healthiest, happiest life they can. Eating natural, fresh foods in the right quantity and combination can greatly help you improve your physical health as well as your mental mood, contributing to your complete wellbeing.

Book in for your initial Nutritional Therapy consultation where we will discuss your current diet and eating habits as well as your specific goals and hopes related to your diet.

This can be anything from weight gain and weight loss, pre and post-natal nutrition, training for a sporting event, mood improvement, or simply overhauling a diet full of bad habits. Together we will discuss a balanced diet, portion control, and work towards forming a healthy relationship with food and better eating habits going forward.

With a degree in Health & Sports Studies and an advanced diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management, let me guide you to a better diet which is delicious, nutritious and fulfilling.


Children’s Nutrition

I am passionate about children getting the right start nutritionally and enjoying a wide variety of food. Nutritional Therapy can really help children better understand a wide range of foods, make different foods fun, and help them to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet.

My healthy meal delivery service includes family favourites and have passed the yummy test by many children. Meals are packed full of nutritious foods to make sure your children are getting the right start. To find out more, please get in touch.

Healthy Meal Delivery

Healthy Meals delivered to your door. Available across Jersey, Channel Islands.

No need to shop, prep or cook! Enjoy healthy, family-friendly meals, all freshly prepared and delivered to your door.