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So many diets fail because people put themselves under enormous pressure, and set unrealistic targets like never eating chocolate again (as if)! I think the best way to look at it is to aim to improve your health. If you eat healthily, your body will naturally find its right weight. Constantly jumping on and off the scales can make it a harder battle, and can leave you feeling really negative, so ditch the scales, start eating for health, and you will soon see the results.

Try to eat whole foods, stay away from processed foods, and meals that really aren’t made of 100% food (so many meals and packaged foods are full of chemicals). The less chemicals you put in your body the better.

Get inspired by food that is in season, take a trip to your local farmers market, or stop and talk to the butcher next time you are in the supermarket. Learn about the food that you are buying, and enjoy the process of being able to nourish your body every time you eat. It makes eating healthily a really positive experience, and before you know it, you will reach a happy weight without even realising it.

Try my latest recipe which is a delicious lemon chicken & pea courgetti. Really clean and packed full of nutrients.

Chloe x