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Okay, so be honest. How many of you have started a strict diet this January? Have you made a list of what you are going to cut out of your diet? Sugar, chocolate, crisps, takeaways? The list of junk food goes on, and so do most people’s list of goals.

Firstly, it’s great that you want to improve your health and eating habits. However, there are reasons that these diets fail so often, and quickly! I think one of the main culprits is that people tend to focus on what they are cutting out of their diets.

Instead, try to make positive goals. So, instead of saying you will never eat chips again (unlikely), set a goal that is adding goodness, like eating four portions of vegetables each day, trying a new vegetable each week, or committing to cooking a new recipe once a week.

Straightaway, you are not focussing on a negative pressure of giving something up. Instead, you are just adding something good to your diet. Before long, you have increased your vegetable intake, improved your culinary skills. Creating these positive changes is habit-forming, and once you achieve your set goals, you can add more goals, such as eating more white meat and fish, and using wholegrain rice.

Keep making positive choices and you will soon eat like this naturally. Your taste buds do change, and before long, you will actually naturally choose healthier options.

Chloë x