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Holiday JuiceThe Summer is a time for everyone to have a break, sit back and relax in the sunshine. Whether at home or a holiday abroad, we all deserve a break from routine, but with this, comes a tendency for people to over-indulge! I see it time and time again, come September, people are shocked at how much weight they have put on in a two week holiday.

Firstly, I would say it is good to over-indulge sometimes. We all work hard throughout the year, so I think it does the mind and body wonders to just relax and ‘go with it’. However, enjoying some indulgence can lead to completely falling off the wagon, so try to keep it in check.

Choose your treats. I always say this to clients, when they are trying to be too restrictive. Instead of going the other way and ploughing into bacon every breakfast, the bread basket before lunch, and ice cream every day, be selective. If you are out for lunch, have a lighter breakfast like a boiled egg with asparagus, or some yoghurt and berries. If you want an ice cream, then don’t eat the bread before lunch. Little changes like this will really make all the difference. You will still feel that you can enjoy your holiday, and you are having plenty of yummy treats, but you won’t fall into complete ‘carefree abandon’ when it comes to your nutrition.

This advice goes for everyday life as well as holidays, and this is exactly why diets don’t work. If you are too restrictive, you will fall off the wagon and want to eat everything in sight! So, do have the chocolate, the glass of wine, whatever your treat, but make it just that, a treat, so choose it, savour it and enjoy it.