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What can I say about salmon? A wonderful meaty fish, packed full of vital nutrients.

Salmon & rice

Salmon is full of Omega 3, in fact it contains more Omega 3 than many other foods, so when you eat salmon you are stocking up on this vital nutrient. Omega 3 is a fatty acid, so don’t be put off by the fat content. It is good fat, with benefits to metabolism (so your body becomes an efficient fuel-burner), and also helps towards a healthy heart.

Salmon is a fab source of protein, which should be a major player in your diet. As well as the fatty acids, it contains Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps regulate calcium in the body, which is so important for healthy, strong bones. We get most of our Vitamin D from the sunlight, so in England’s fair and pleasant land, it’s not a bad shout to stock up on the sunshine vitamin from some sunny salmon as well!

It is a lovely food, that needs very little done to it, as it is so tasty in its natural form. Enjoy salmon raw as sushi, grilled, smoked, baked or panfried. Simple Salmon – I love to just bake a fillet of salmon in sealed parchment, with a lemon squeezed over it, and lots of black pepper. Delicious with wild rice, and a little salad.

Remember to look for ethically-sourced salmon. Wild salmon has a lovely, darker colour to its flesh, and has spent its life roaming the sea.